Thursday, January 20, 2011

Be Friend with Possum!!!

Possums have adapted well to contact with people. However, at times this contact can be noisy and messy - particularly if the possum takes up residence in the roof of your house! If this happens, the possum can be trapped and removed from the ceiling cavity, provided you first obtain a special licence from the NPWS. You must release your resident possum back onto your property, as it will not survive if removed from the area. In some areas, wildlife rehabilitation groups will help you with this.

The best solution is to actually make friends with local possums! If you encourage a possum to stay around and claim your yard as its territory, other possums will be discouraged from taking up residence.

Although you should not feed your resident possum, you could try building it a special shelter, somewhere safe (and away from your roof cavity) where it won't be disturbed by dogs or people.

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