Thursday, April 7, 2011

Deep Sea Adventures-Vampire Squid!!!

Fine it is the center of the week, my driveway at a halt wants to be shovel and here I am writing a Wild Fact concerning a deep sea creature called the Vampire Squid.

In my opinion I think I made a great choice to sit down and write about this extremely single animal instead of braving the cold, windy, Yukon night. In order for us to get to know the Vampire Squid a little better you may want to put on your wetsuit and clutch an oxygen tank since we are heading to the deep blue sea. Usually they can be found in clement or tropical parts of the ocean. So we need to choose which area we want to go swimming in. My vote is for the tropical area.

The Vampire Squid is not a very big animal as the main they will characteristically grow to be only 30 cm (1 foot) long. Their actual jelly-like body is only about 15 cm (6) long while their eight arms make up the rest of their length. You may have notice from the picture that their arms in fact have a webbing of skin attaching them together.

This webbing is pretty cool since the Vampire Squid is able to pull their arms over their body and use this web to protect themselves against attacker.

  • Sticking with their arms, you will discover a single row of suction cups on each arm as well as soft spine which are known as cirri. Put in the cape-like webbing, soft spine structures to the fact that these squids have red eyes and you have the motive they are called Vampire Squid.

This revenue the squid is able to light up anytime they feel like. I would like to see those “show-off” normal vampires use bio luminescence to draw prey and disorient oncoming predators.

  • This light show that the Vampire Squid display is most probable their main form of protection. Unlike other squid’s they don’t have an ink sac to help defend against the bully of the sea. Although, if belongings get really bad they can let go a cloud of bio-luminescent mucus from their arms, One more cause why the Vampire Squid is way cooler than the regular.

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