Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amazing Facts Of Animals

  • A horse weighing approximately 1,200-pounds, eats approximately seven times it's own weight, in a year. That amounts to almost 8,400-pounds of food. Wow! What an appetite!

  • Apart from human’s even chimpanzees can learn to recognize their own image in a mirror.

  • A cow can give far more milk than a human can consume their lifetime. Any guesses? Almost 200,000 glasses full of milk!

  • While there are so many cows grazing in the world, no two cows will ever be found with identical pattern of spots.

  • A probable identity crisis we have here! Though named polecat, this creature is not a cat but a nocturnal weasel-species in Europe.

  • Is a zebra black with white stripes, or white with black stripes? Any guesses? Well, it’s white with black stripes.

  • Talk about noise pollution in the jungles! A lion’s roar is so loud that it can heard upto a distance of five miles.

  • Cheetahs maybe large and fast, but when they roar they chirp. This sounds more like a bird or a yelping dog. Beware, it is loud enough to be heard upto a mile away.

  • The tusks of elephants grow through their life. The tusks weigh over 200 pounds.

  • Only the male Asian elephants have tusks.

  • The male and female African elephants have tusks.

  • The largest ever lobster to be found weighed 19 kg. It was found in 1934.

  • The largest recorded jellyfish measured 2,3 m across its bell. Its tentacles measured 36 m (120 feet) in length.

  • The largest giant squid ever found weighed 4 tons. It was traced in the in the North Atlantic in the year 1878.

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