Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Orange Crocodile Stylish Season

Orange is the innovative green in crocodile method this period.

Snappy, an 8-foot-2-inch crocodile is generous haute-couture orange skin and he's look fabulous and sentiment fine!

But it's not actually a fashion statement. It's a result of aggressive the water filter of his enclosure at Roaming Reptiles animal park in Australia.

"Snappy's attractive territorial and he attack the filter one day, and a few weeks after that, notice he was orange."
"It doesn't appear to have exaggerated him at all. He's still got a healthy hunger, is normally aggro and doing everything he always does," 

A crocodile specialist interviewed by the Herald Sun said he believe the croc is in ideal health despite his outrageous new look."Our guess is that it is something in the water such as iron or tannins from leaves or some red algae, that oxidises when it dries,”. Snappy is expected to go back to his normal color eventually.It seems absolutely fabulous new colors are all the rage in the animal kingdom. Discovery News recently reported on glow-in-the-dark cats.

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