Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strange Animal facts

A headless cockroach can survive for a couple of weeks. Its life would finally end due to starvation!
No dentist for this creature! Crocodiles, through their life grow new teeth that replace the old set!
A crocodile can never stick its tongue out of its mouth.
Gaggle is a group of geese waddling on the ground. And the same group up in the air would be renamed skein.
On an average, a hedgehog's heart beats 300 times, per minute.
A standing 4-foot child can fit into the open of a hippopotamus.
A coin is heavier than a hummingbird!
It would take just one night for a mole to dig a tunnel measuring 300 feet in length.
A chicken can fly for more than 13 seconds at a stretch.
The butterfly was originally known as the ‘flutterby’.
The donkey’s eye placement helps it see all its four feet at a time.
All the termites of the world outweigh the human beings of the world. The ratio is 10:1!
The chow is the only dog that does not have a pink tongue.

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