Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get Information About Arrow Crab!!

The Arrow Crab is known for being territorial. The Arrow Crab is very docile towards divers, but acts very aggressively towards other sea creatures, including its own species.

The Arrow Crab has eight spider-like legs and has a head that is exceptionally pointed at the tip. The legs of an Arrow Crab can be more than three times its body length. The body of an Arrow Crab is composed of many colors. The whole body is covered in a golden-brown color, with white, brown, or gold stripes running along the crab's body. The ends of the legs are dark violet. As the Arrow Crab grows it will shed an outer layer of its skin called the exoskeleton.

The Arrow Crab is a nocturnal creature, meaning that it does most of its daily responsibilities at night time. The crab will do all of its scavenging during the night time. Since the Arrow Crab is nocturnal, it is rarely seen out during the daylight hours. These crabs do not fear divers who want to come and take pictures of it, but when it comes to other animals, even its own species, the Arrow Crab can be quite territorial.

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