Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bears leave hairless at Zoo expert bewildered

A spectacled bear name Dolores (pictured) is fairs an unconventional look after losing approximately all her hair.

Since 2007 the female spectacled bear and two of her female kin at Germany's Zoo Leipzig have been going hairless—mysterious experts. Zoo experts are operational to cure the bears' non-life-threatening condition, zoo curator

Spectacled bears—also called Andean bears—live in the mountains of South America and are the continent's only bear species. Armando Castellano, leader of the Andean Bear Conservation Project in Ecuador, said that he'd seen a similar case about a decade ago in a rescue spectacled bear.

"We were very scared, because it was the primary time we had seen this," Castellano said.

Keepers in Ecuador place that bear, which had before been fed human food—counting Coca-Cola—on its usual diet of fruits and bamboo, and added enhancement items, such as toys and exotic foods, into the bear's enclosure. Four months later the fur grew back.

Alike cases have occur in a Bolivian zoo and in Peru, Ximena Velez-Liendo, a spectacled bear specialist, said by email. It’s unidentified whether a be short of of nutrition is the culprit in the Leipzig bears' situation. awaiting a cure is found, keepers have been applying medical ointment to the bears' skin, which becomes itchy without its defensive fur.

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