Friday, November 25, 2011

Unlicensed Dog get Bus for a turn

Likely driving without a license or even a learner permit, Richard McCormack's dog, Woodley, manage to dislodge the handbrake of McCormack's double-decker bus and drive downward a major road in Darwin, Australia yesterday. McCormack believe that Woodley, a 2-year-old German Koolie, erudite how to drive by observing him driving the means of transportation over the last two years. Woodley allegedly took the vehicle for a spin while McCormack was in a store.

"I came out and saying the bus going down the road. I couldn't believe it," McCormack told The Sun. it seems that this isn't the first time Woodley has attempted to go all Thelma & Louise, McCormack explained. "He sits next to me when I'm driving and in the driver's seat when I'm not. The brake pedal is on the dashboard and he's seen me let go it many times. He was just copying me. He's tried it before," said McCormack.

According to NTN News, Bystander Phil Newton could not believe his eyes when he saw Woodley driving the 20-ton, double-decker bus from side to side Darwin's industrial zone ( Woodley usually drives a compact hybrid.)

The vehicle was finally brought to a stop when Newton jumped in an open window and put the handbrake rear on after considering that a dog was navigating the mobile home. "This was weird, even for the Northern country," Newton told NTN News.

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