Monday, November 15, 2010


  • Have you ever seen a dog with two different colored eyes and wondered what was wrong? The answer is that nothing is wrong.
  • The eyes work perfectly fine and the only difference between two same colored eyes and two different colored eyes are just the colors.
  • The irregularity comes from more or less pigment in an iris of one eye and it is called Heterochromia when one eye is one color and the other is another color.
  • Some dogs are more prone to Heterochromia than others; it all depends upon the genes.
  • Some dog owners will choose a dog for having Heterochromia because this makes the dog stand out or look different.
  • Other dog owners will refuse a dog with two different colored eyes because they might think there is something wrong with the dog or the dog is unlucky.
  • But the fact is beauty doesnt lie on dogs eye instead beauty is in the eye of the beholder..So,take care of your in different dog!!
Watch video of puppies which have different eye:

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