Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World smartest animal

The chimpanzee monkey tops the list of smartest animals in the world. Ways of communicating and problem solving abilities of these creatures make them intelligent. Sign language used by chimps is applied in communicating efficiently. It has been found that these monkeys combine different symbols and create a language for communicating with each other. Chimpanzees are quite organized in various activities they perform. They prepare their own tools with the help of available materials and use them in hunting. Qualities like self-awareness, altruism and empathy are exhibited by chimpanzees. Being territorial in nature, the chimps exhibit behavioral traits like possession, invasion, etc. In terms of memory, chimpanzees are superior than human beings; it is therefore the smartest animal in the world. Social hierarchy is an important feature of the nature of chimps. The urge to move up the social hierarchy also is found in these animals.

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