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The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth. This giant bird was alone because it reproduced through parthenogenesis. It several times more powerful than an eagle, it could swoop down and capture large animals and devour them during flight.It would swallow in one large gulp and digest while gliding over the mountains. It flew so high that no arrow could reach it.The Phoenix would make its nest on the highest moutains, only mountain climbers could see it. It was the only bird which needed fire to incubate the single large egg it laid after flying for a hundred years.The egg shell was so thick that the new fully grown Phoenix would not be able to get out of thick insulated shell, fire was needed to heat it and eventually melt the surface. The old Phoenix would be there on the nest - the Phoenix would know the time had come for it to die and the new Phoenix to take its place.

The Phoenix was the creature which taught man how to make fire, by rubbing sticks with its powerful beak. The nest would be made up incendiary stuff, when it burnt the old Phoenix would catch fire, because over time its bones would have become wooden and its feathers oily - the old Phoenix would catch fire the egg would crack open and the new fully grown Phoenix would escape the flames, flapping its large wings and fly off to rule the sky. No evidence of its existence is there because it self-immolates. It is never seen, because it is master of stealth and searches for large creatures like lions and bears to eat. Because these animals are not found in many parts of the world the Phoenix starved, realising it is going to die it committed suicide by burning itself without laying an egg. The Phoenix realised there was no point in reproducing when its main meal was no longer available

The following video reminds the PHONEIX BIRD:

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